Information Technology            The world of technology is a quickly changing one. Understanding new software, hardware, and technology related concepts are all critical parts of the information field. There are numerous technological trends that surface each year, so many that it is often difficult to fathom. Keeping that in mind, we focus on four technologies and trends that information professionals should know about, not only within the world of libraries, but in society as well.

           With the constant increase in technological capabilities comes security risks. Cybersecurity has risen out of the need to ensure that information shared using technology is kept safe from existing and potential threats. As people continue to access information online as opposed to within libraries, virtual spaces are becoming a solution that could help libraries adapt to this change. 3D printing is an exciting technology that allows people to show their creativity through the creation of three-dimensional objects that can be used for work or for fun. As technology becomes more advanced, machines are beginning to have the ability to carry interact with humans while also learning from their experiences. These smart machines bring a new level of possibilities to both individuals and organizations. Each of these topics are significant to our understanding of how new technologies can be used to help us achieve our full potential in an information driven world.


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